January Business Favourites

Every month there are a handful of products, services, software, podcasts, books and other miscellaneous items that I just couldn’t live without.

These things tend to change month to month.

It all depends on what I’ve been working on and what season my business and life are in at that moment.

January is always a fun one, as there are so many new things being implemented in my business and for my clients….

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New Year, New Brand

I’ve launched into 2019 with a renewed vision and sense of excitement in my business.

In Q4. of 2018 I went through an unexpected shift in my business and a realisation that my business and brand were no longer serving me.

For three years I had been Studio Virtual Assistant, which to begin with suited me just fine. It explained to people what I did and set an expectation from the outset.

But as I grew and evolved and my services did so too, I found I was growing out of my business name and brand.

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The Ultimate Studio Website

When you think of The Ultimate Dance Studio Website what comes to mind?

A website created by an expensive website designer for thousands of dollars, with all the bells and whistles and flashy design features?

Well that to me would be the Ultimate Fail of a Studio Website!

Just because you spend thousands of dollars on a website designer DOES NOT guarantee that your website will be perfect.

Far from it in my experience!

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Studio Owner Biggest Automation Mistakes

Automation is a beautiful thing in a business where you often find yourself wearing all the hats and in charge of keeping all the plates spinning.

When used correctly, automated systems in a studio: streamline processes, eliminate doubling up on tasks and ultimately give you greater time and freedom to work in your Zone of Genius.

A number of automated systems I help my clients create and implement in their studios include:

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