2018 Review and 2019 Plans

2018 Review and 2019 Plans.png

Every year I take some time out (usually around beginning of November) to review my year and plan the year ahead. It’s such a refreshing experience and really sets me up to elegantly jeté into the year on January 1.

2018 was a year of immense change both personally and professionally.

  • I took a whole year off social media.

This was due to a combination of being totally swamped with client work and also becoming a little frustrated with the amount of rubbish on social media.

After a year off to reevaluate why I like social media and how I want to use social media, I think I may have found my sweet spot going forward in 2019.

This includes using Instagram to not only showcase my work but to also give you insights into behind the scenes of my business and life.

The Instagram accounts I love more than most are not full of inspiring quotes and overly styled professional photography. They are full of useful information, personal insights, a window into the lifestyle of others leading lives different to mine in different countries, businesses and lifestyles.

I’m nosey and curious, I can’t help it!

  • Baby Doe 2019

In September 2018 we had the joyous news that a we were expecting a new addition to our little family.

After 3 years of marriage and many adventures in our relationship together, this is a new adventure that my husband and I are incredibly excited about.

As I bring my son into the world in May 2019 I’m curious as to how this will impact my work life.

I’m going in with an open mind, lots of planning in my business and home life and an incredibly open heart.

I’d love to know from you about how becoming a parent changed your work life and any advice you may have for me.

  • Home Renovation 2018

We have spent 2018 totally renovating our Victorian terraced home here in beautiful Yorkshire, England. It has been an absolute labour of love. The process has taught me more than I imagined and has certainly taken much longer than anticipated.

Firstly it has given me a fresh love, respect and deep appreciation for my parents.

They have (incredibly kindly) put my husband, dog and I up in their home during the renovation. Their patience and generosity inspire me and I hope to carry this spirit with me throughout everything I do in life and business.

Thank you Mum and Dad, you are rockstars.

Secondly I learnt the lesson of hiring top class trades people and building contractors.

Our “big build” contractors who were in charge of knocking down walls, extending the kitchen and installing some pretty serious steel work, were absolutely awful at project management.

The experience of working with them was incredibly difficult due to their badly handled communication and management of their team. Good project management and team players are the only way forward in business and in home renovations!

We’re nearly ready to move back in, and I couldn’t be more excited. To follow along and see the end results, make sure you’re following me on Instagram.

  • Business Rebrand

During the last quarter of 2018 I made a huge transition in my business.

Formerly Studio Virtual Assistant, I transitioned to operating under my own name.


Because after working as a virtual assistant for many years, I found that the type of work I take on and the clients I work with had evolved to something way more than being a VA.

You can hire a VA on fiverr or Upwork for a relatively low cost to handle the “weeds” of your business.

The work I do with clients encapsulates more than that.

We strategise on systems, marketing and branding.

We create plans and then implement them to create momentum in business.

I create websites from start to finish for clients that really serve them and their business.

“Virtual Assistant” had become a false title for my work and in turn the clients I work with agreed that this was far beyond the realms of VA work.

Operating under your own name is a big scary leap and feels incredibly personal.

But that’s just what I’m ready for. Owning my name and stepping into the truly personal experience I provide for my clients.

Word/ Phrase of the year

I do this every year to keep me on track with my goals and vision for my business in the year ahead. This year my phrase is:

Committed to Consistency

Business Goals 2019

  • Systemise the backend of my business in preparation for Baby Doe in May.

  • Consistency in social media posting and blogging.

  • Taking on my own Facebook Page Experiment. No more automated scheduling software, no more pointless motivational quotes, no more “set-and-forget” mentality to social strategy. More to details to come on my social media channels, Facebook & Instagram.

Personal Goals 2019

  • Use fewer plastics. No more buying bottles of water when out and about and using disposable coffee cups. Must remember to take my water bottle and Keep Cup with me when I leave the house.

  • Travel more this year. Due to home renovations in 2018, travelling has been a little tricky. This year I hope yo finally head over to Cyprus to visit my older brother and his wife as well as heading back to Gozo, Malta to visit my Father in Law. I’m not suite sure how realistic this is with a tiny baby, but we shall see.

  • Hire a cleaner once a week at home. This is part of my “at-home systems” I’m setting up in preparation for the arrival of little one. I have systems in my business, I need systems at home too. Having an extra pair of hands once a week to handle the deep clean (which I detest doing myself), change the sheets and handle the ironing is all I need. I’ve struggled to allow myself to hire out this help as I feel bizarrely like this is my duty as a home owner, wife and soon-to-be mother. But truth be told, my time, energy and strengths are better off being applied into other areas of my life.

I’m so excited for what 2019 has in store for my business and also the clients I work with. I’d love to know your big business and personal goals for the year. Let me know in the comments below!

Happy New Year!