January Business Favourites

Every month there are a handful of products, services, software, podcasts, books and other miscellaneous items that I just couldn’t live without.

These things tend to change month to month.

It all depends on what I’ve been working on and what season my business and life are in at that moment.

January is always a fun one, as there are so many new things being implemented in my business and for my clients.

January Business Favourites.png

It’s a time of intense organisation, planning and preparing for an outstanding year ahead.

With Baby Doe making his grand entrance in early May, I have focused on systemising and organising the backend of my own business.

This has had a knock-on effect with my client’s business’.

We are organised and prepped for all their marketing needs from January - July 2019.


Asana is a free project management tool I use within my business and also with my clients.

I use the “Teams” function to segment my business into manageable chunks such as:

  • CEO

  • Marketing

  • Client Projects

  • Finances

  • Operations

As well as keeping everything in one place, I can communicate with my clients and my team within Asana, meaning we’re not all being inundated with even more emails in our inboxes.

Nobody’s got the time or patience for even more emails in your inbox!

All the important files pertaining to a project live within the Asana hubs too.

It truly is a magical hub that I’ve now set up to really serve me and my business beautifully.

Nothing gets lost in post-it notes and endless to-do lists on my already full office desk.

If you’re looking for a tool to keep everything on track and organised, Asana will change your life and business!

Podcast Episode

I love to listen to a good podcast episode on the way to the gym, supermarket or even when in the bath!

This month, I LOVED Ali Brown’s solo podcast episode on Glambition Radio called “Your ICONIC 2019”.

This is a great podcast episode to listen to for studio owners really looking to elevate their business success and step into a higher level of authority within their niche.

If you’re beyond the point of being simply a “good local dance studio” and you’re ready to shine a light on your genius this year, this podcast is definitely for you.

I know many dance studio owners who serve in incredible ways and have truly unique programs that they have carefully crafted through their years of experience. This is the time to turn your genius into something that goes further than just you and your students.

Dive in and get inspired by this podcast episode! I’d love to know what you think!

Work/Life Balance

My main focus for Q1 of 2019 is to really get my business systems and organisation in place before Baby Boy Doe arrives in May.

2018 was a mad year of full-on client work 24/7.

Working ON my business rather than just IN the business took a back seat.

This year I was determined to change this.

So the first week of January, I sat down and mapped out my time into blocks throughout Monday-Friday.

I also established boundaries for myself.

  • No more working all weekend,

  • No more working until late at night,

  • No more answering emails and messages during the evenings,

  • Requiring longer than 24 hours lead time on projects (yes I squeezed in WAY too many last minute requests in 2018, hello burn out!)

Any studio owner looking to make a shift in their business and begin working ON their business rather than just IN their business, I would highly recommend mapping out your time and getting the important things in first.


The Hamilton soundtrack! Now, I may be a tad late to the party with this one, but I have only recently had the pleasure of seeing the show.

My husband booked for us to go see Hamilton in London for my Birthday and my goodness I was blown away.

First of all, hats off to my husband for absolutely mastering the art of gift giving! (He’s a keeper!)

Secondly, I was so totally moved. I laughed, I cried, I got all the tingles!

The London cast were absolutely outstanding and ever since, I’ve become obsessed with listening to the soundtrack.

When I was training at vocational dance college, singing was never my favourite or a distinct strength of mine. But that is certainly not stopping me from attempting to master those harmonies in my home office!