New Year, New Brand

I’ve launched into 2019 with a renewed vision and sense of excitement in my business.

In Q4. of 2018 I went through an unexpected shift in my business and a realisation that my business and brand were no longer serving me.

For three years I had been Studio Virtual Assistant, which to begin with suited me just fine. It explained to people what I did and set an expectation from the outset.

But as I grew and evolved and my services did so too, I found I was growing out of my business name and brand.

New Year, New Brand.png

I was no longer just doing the “in the weeds” tasks for dance studio owners such as transcriptions, social media automation, designing graphics, formatting blog posts and making sure everything ran smoothly.

With my clients I was creating marketing strategies, designing entire websites, organising the backend of their business and collaborating with them on the Big Picture tasks in their business.

It was way beyond the realm of VA.

So I embarked on a totally immersive rebrand experience.

It all started with a lot of white space to get creative. Lots of cups of tea, scented candles, “concentration” playlists on Spotify and do-not-disturb office time.

The search for the right name, logo and brand colours all started with exploring my mission, vision and crafting my ideal business and working day.

Setting Boundaries

I pinpointed the work I loved doing and gracefully said goodbye to the work that I would no longer take on.

I carefully crafted my ideal client persona which had evolved over the years. After working with a whole host of clients I had a better understanding of the clients I really loved working with and connected with.

I created my “ideal day” and how I wanted my working life to look moving forward. There was a definite push away from the “hustle” mentality I had adopted early on in my freelancing life.

I began to understand what the Bigger Picture and Legacy of my work would be.

Total Game Changer

Once I had done a deep dive into the above, I then began to understand how my business would feel to my ideal clients and what would really connect with them.

Everything from the brand colours, logo design, name of the business, communication style, content plan, brand positioning, systems within my business….they all came from taking a long and deep dive into my brand strategy.

It was a total game changer.


What really was making me stand apart from others? Why did my clients choose me?

I realised it was the truly individual, hyper personalised approach I brought to my business.

My clients loved having weekly contact with me to connect, strategise, organise and implement in their business.

We had developed a collaborative relationship that enabled the client to get outstanding results and for me to have immense job satisfaction - win-win!

Get Involved:

It has been a process I believe all business owners should go through to truly elevate their business to new levels of success.

If you’re interested in going through a process of deep discovery with your business, a great way to start is to pinpoint your dance studio’s brand personality.

To get involved, take the quiz below and start laying the foundations of your brand strategy for 2019: