Studio Owner Biggest Automation Mistakes

Automation is a beautiful thing in a business where you often find yourself wearing all the hats and in charge of keeping all the plates spinning.

When used correctly, automated systems in a studio: streamline processes, eliminate doubling up on tasks and ultimately give you greater time and freedom to work in your Zone of Genius.

Studio Owner Biggest Automation Mistakes.png

A number of automated systems I help my clients create and implement in their studios include:

  • Automating 12 months worth of social media posts

  • Automating email enrolment enquiries

  • Automating trial class bookings

  • Automating monthly newsletters

  • Automating 12 months worth of blog posts

So while automating aspects of your studio sounds like a dream scenario. Don’t head into the automation and systemising phase with rose tinted glasses on!

Here are the two biggest automation mistakes I see studio owners make:

1. Focusing on Automating to Eliminate

As a marketing assistant, I help studio owners automate aspects of their business online.

It’s a beautiful thing.

But sometimes studio owners want to automate EVERYTHING.

This ends up replacing that all-important human contact.

Human beings need that personal interaction. Whether it’s a 1:1 conversation over the phone or in person at the studio.

This is what makes the difference between a studio that converts email enquiries into paying students in their studio and one that wants everything to happen online before someone has even spoken with a member of staff.

It also is the difference between the studio’s who have 80%+ retention rate at their studio.

Replace everything with automated systems and eliminate the human interaction with your business and watch as your retention rates plummet.

Connecting with emotions is key to retention.

Try and do this through social media and email and you’re playing a losing game.

The emotional connection comes from getting personal, interacting and investing your time and energy into your students and their families.

An occasional phone call to catch up with a family and answer any questions they have while updating them on their child’s progress will go above and beyond a generic automated mass email blast.

2. Taking the “Set & Forget” Approach

Another mistake I see studio owners making with automation is setting and forgetting systems that haven’t been tested.

Automation to free up your time is important.

But what’s even more important is making sure that you are automating systems and process that ACTUALLY WORK.

Automating an ineffective social media strategy or automated email sequence does more harm than good.

Automate something that won’t work for you long-term and you’re going to harm your growth and eventually give yourself even more work in the future as you try and fix something that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Helping business owners automate 12 months worth of social media posts is such a transformational project.

We formulate the strategy, create the posts and then automate the entire year through an automation tool.

That way studio owners know that without fail one social media post will go out every day.

But now part 2 of the strategy takes over.

Most studio owners forget that there should be a part 2!

Part 2 involves enhancing what you have automated.

Enhance your social media strategy for your studio through Facebook live, engaging with your audience, boosting posts, growing your audience and posting day-to-day images from your studio.

Automation is a wonderful thing and will save you time, energy and things falling through the cracks. But it is there purely to ENHANCE what you do in your studio, not to replace it!

Automation Checklist:

Before you automate a system in your studio, run through this checklist to make sure your automation strategy will work long-term:

  • Have you tried and tested this system before? Has it brought you positive results?

  • How will this automation ENHANCE what you are doing in your studio?

  • Could the tasks you repeat 3+ times in a day be eliminated through automation?

  • Will this adversely affect all important human interaction at your studio? (E.G. No phone calls, no face to face interaction)

  • How will I measure the success of this automation?

  • What do I really want to achieve by automating this system in my studio?

Let’s automate to ENHANCE not purely to ELIMINATE!