The Ultimate Studio Website

When you think of The Ultimate Studio Website what comes to mind?

A website created by an expensive website designer for thousands of dollars, with all the bells and whistles and flashy design features?

Well, that to me would be the Ultimate Fail of a Studio Website!

Just because you spend thousands of dollars on a website designer DOES NOT guarantee that your website will be perfect.

Far from it in my experience!

That’s because website designers have ONE JOB. To create a beautiful online platform for you.

But having a truly EFFECTIVE studio website requires far more than just looks! Looking beautiful is only ONE of our four pillars!

The Ultimate Dance Studio Website.png

Don’t make these studio website mistakes:

Mistake Number 1:

Most studio websites I see cover just one pillar of my formula. Beautiful Design.

That’s what my first studio website was like. It took WEEKS of late nights ploughing away on Wix creating my first site.

When it went live it looked beautiful, I was like a proud parent.

But there it was, all beauty and NO BRAINS.

It didn’t convert. It just sat there looking pretty.

That’s the problem with websites created through platforms such as Wix and Weebly, they make it super easy for you to DESIGN the site, but they don’t help you get your site in front of your target market.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) through Wix just doesn’t integrate well with Google. And if Google isn’t offering your website to those looking for what you offer, what’s the point in having a website?

Mistake Number 2:

After my disaster of a Wix website, I got in touch with a web designer friend who could whip up a custom coded site for me in his sleep.

He did an OUTSTANDING job of creating an even MORE beautiful website.

“Perfect!” I thought. I was wrong!

Because I had invested money into this new site and my friend had created a thing of beauty, I assumed that everyone would flock to my sparkly new website.

Yet there my website sat, all alone like the only one not asked to dance at prom.

Just because you spend a tonne of money on a nifty DESIGN does not mean that your website will convert your visitors into students.

What is your studio website for?

Enough was enough. After two failed attempts at my studio website, it was time to turn this around!

I embarked on a process of discovering how to create the PERFECT website for my studio.

First off I needed to understand WHY I needed a website for my business in the first place.

Why do you have a website for your studio?

  1. To educate and showcase what you have to offer

  2. To get new students into the studio

As soon as I had this INTENTION for my website I could begin to create the PERFECT studio website.

After extensive research and analysis, I uncovered the trends behind the best performing and highest converting websites around.

They all had 4 things in common. 4 things that now form my Four Pillars of the Ultimate Studio Website.

The Four Pillars of the Ultimate Studio Website

Six Figure Studio Secrets.png


Pillar 1. Beautiful Design

A beautifully designed studio website shouldn’t just be a pretty online brochure.

A beautifully designed studio website should be visually appealing. But those visuals should say a lot more about your studio as a BRAND.

Yes, we’re not trying to be the next Coca-Cola or Apple, but your studio branding is definitely not something you should overlook.

Your studio’s branding includes:

  • the fonts you use,

  • your colour palette,

  • your logo,

  • your imagery and

  • your copywriting.

The ultimate studio website has a clearly defined colour palette and set of fonts that they stick to religiously. Too many colours and fonts fight with one another to be seen and are just distracting.

A beautifully designed website should also be MOBILE RESPONSIVE. Too many studio websites I see are beautiful on a desktop and then they haven’t invested in a mobile version of their website.

With the majority of traffic coming to websites now from mobile, you are CRAZY to overlook this!

Imagine the amount of business you would be bringing in if your mobile visitors were converting into students as well!

The Ultimate Studio Website Design also includes:

  • A maximum of SIX navigation options

  • A clear map of where you want your visitors to go and the ACTION you want them to take

  • A Call To Action on the homepage before you have to scroll anywhere

  • Testimonials on EVERY page of your website.

This is one EPICALLY LONG Blog Post. If you’re strapped for time, click the link below to access the PDF download of this entire post along with a checklist for your website.


Pillar 2. Effective Copywriting

Content is King on the ultimate studio website.

But not any old content. And certainly not any old copy.

When I talk about “Copy” I mean the text on your website.

The majority of studio websites I see have the same problem. They make the mistake of regurgitating information from their brain onto their website.

Website visitors don’t want information overload!

When you regurgitate all the contents of your brain onto your website, it makes sense to you, but it doesn’t connect with your ideal student.

The Ultimate Studio Website uses effective copywriting to communicate directly to their IDEAL STUDENTS.

When you write your website copy with your ideal student in mind, it totally transforms how your website visitors connect with you and your studio.

If you are using industry jargon that you understand but means nothing to a prospective new student, it will turn them off.

You’ve got to use a tone of voice that sounds exactly like your studio and that sings to the ears of your dream students.

In order to do that, you have to have a clear understanding of your studio’s values and what makes you unique.

When you can communicate what makes you different and why you are the best option for your ideal student, you will connect emotionally with your website visitor and they will convert into paying students.

The BIGGEST mistake you can make with your studio website’s copywriting is making your About Page about you!

That might sound crazy but it’s true.

Your studio’s “About” page is not about you. It’s about what your studio can bring to the lives of your students.

Yes, you can highlight your credentials and introduce yourself. But only to ENHANCE what you bring to your students.

Pillar 3. Intelligent Optimisation

So you have the first two pillars nailed.

Now don’t let your website just sit there looking beautiful.

You need to ensure that your website gets in front of the eyeballs of your ideal students.

That’s where Intelligent Optimisation comes in.

When you optimise your website, search engines such as Google will help you out by displaying your website to people looking for what you offer.

So when your ideal student types into Google “dance classes in (your town)” you pop up in the search results, preferably in the top 3!

Getting that prime real estate on Google, however, takes some work!

But when you know what you need to do and how to do it, you’re at a real advantage.

This is the pillar most studio owners miss out.

And if you’re the only one in your area putting in the effort to ensure your website is optimised, you’re winning!

To intelligently optimise your studio website you need to do the following:

  • Set-Up your Facebook tracking pixel on every page of your website

  • Add Google Analytics to your site

  • Perform keyword research to find out what your ideal student types into search engines to find what you offer

  • Be regularly blogging on your studio’s website

  • Building links to your site from “authoritative sources”

  • Enhance your Google Business Listing.

Once you have covered all the above bases, you will be hitting Number 1 in the search results!

Download this blog post and learn more about how to intelligently optimise your website below:

Pillar 4. Automated Systems

Automated systems, this one will change your life!

Imagine, you wake up in the morning, leisurely get yourself and the kids ready.

You do the school run and pick up some groceries.

Then when you get home you open your studio’s emails to find 10 new introductory classes booked and 5 new enrollments have come in overnight.

And you haven’t had to lift a finger!

No this is not a dream!

This is the reality for many studio owners.

They have:

  • perfected their website,

  • automated their email enquiries and

  • automated their enrollment process.

The freedom studio owners gain from automating these systems is game-changing!

And the good news is that this is totally achievable for you too.

With a couple of tech tools and a free afternoon, you can get this set up for your studio.

You will need:

  • The Ultimate Studio Website designed, written & optimised

  • Landing Pages for classes

  • Automated email service provider

For my recommended tools to achieve the above, make sure you download my Ultimate Dance Studio Website Checklist.

Once you have your studio’s website working FOR you and not AGAINST you, you will see a dramatic change in the QUANTITY and QUALITY of traffic coming to your website.

I can’t wait to see what The Four Pillars of the Ultimate Studio Website will do for you and your studio.

How would you rank your current studio website? Let me know in the comments!

Also, let me know which of the four pillars you feel are missing from your current site!